What we do

We help you to create a data view and visualize it, so that all employees work in the same direction - simply because we love data.

Remember, Data Analysis consists of three parts. There is more to it! 
If you want to know, read below.

data from multiple sources passes through the datadice cube and is converted into a dashboard


you need to EXTRACT data from multiple sources


you need to link, clean, LOAD & TRANSFORM data


you need to VISUALIZE data

"ELT" stands for Extract, Load, and Transform, and is a process commonly used by data engineers. While it is sometimes possible to skip the Load step and go directly to analyzing the data, we prefer not to do this. The reason for this is that our approach ensures that all employees are working with the same clean and reliable data, which is linked across departments in real-time. This provides a significant advantage and ensures the integrity of the data being used.

Why you need us

All analyses are based on data. Once your data is incomplete or incorrect, guess what your analysis is?

You don’t have a clear roadmap, you don’t know which of the 1000 solution partners out there to use or/ and you don’t have time & budget for an endless data project?

But what you do know however: data is the new gold in business. And you also know: the better you understand it, the better you can optimize processes and decisions.

So stop doing complex & okay - and start doing simple & well.

What are you waiting for?

What we offer

Custom Analytics Solutions

No matter if you are planning to integrate
whole data warehouse solution to optimize business based on your needs, or if you just need specific assistance in mastering your marketing analytics with the customer journey and session attributions.

Datawarehouse Solutions

A central collection of business data created for analysis purposes. It is part of the strategy for business intelligence solutions and supports companies in their decision-making. Learn here how data warehouses work, how they differ from other data stores and how you as a company can benefit from data warehousing.

Data strategy consulting

Providing data identification, collection, storage, processing, and usage insights to companies that want to harness their data capabilities. Working with big data experts helps a company unlock the power of data to its advantage.

Tracking implementation

In today's business climate, running a website without web analytics is like steering a ship without a compass: occasionally you may be heading in the right direction, but more often than not you'll be blown off course.

We will help you to keep your ship on course!

Data preparation for Machine- Learnig

The process of transforming raw data so that data scientists and analysts can run it through machine learning algorithms to uncover insights or make predictions.

Data visualization

The graphical representation of information and data. By using visual elements like charts, graphs, and maps, data visualization tools provide an accessible way to see and understand trends, outliers, and patterns in data. Additionally, it provides an excellent way for employees or business owners to present data to non-technical audiences without confusion.